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The following applies to all persons taking classes offered by Neev.

Purchase: All pricing options must be fully paid for at the time of purchase.

Use: All pricing options must be used before ther expiry date(s). Expiry dates will be indicated in purchase receipts and/or the title of the relevant pricing option.

Rules & Regulations: All attendees must obey the rules and regulations posted at the facility. Neev reserves the right to amend, modify, add or remove any and all rules or regulations, at any time.

Returns: Refunds and prorations are up to the sole discretion of Neev

Cancellations:  If Attendee has reserved a space in a scheduled class and cannot attend, Attendee must provide 6 hours advance notice to Neev so that such space can be released to other attendees.  If Neev receives notice as required, Neev will permit Attendee to use the class pass for another scheduled class.  No penalty will be imposed on Attendee for failing to attend.  If Attendee is unable to provide 6 hours’ advance notice to Neev as a result of medical reasons or other exigent circumstances, Neev, in its sole discretion, will determine whether Attendee shall receive credit for failing to attend the class.  Attendee may have to provide proof if requested.

Carryover of Class Pass: Carryover of class passes beyond their date of expiration is up to the sole discretion Neev.

Non-Transferable/Non-Assignable: Class passes are not assignable or transferable by default and must be used by the person purchasing the pass. Any transfers are up to the sole discretion of Neev

General: Attendees of classes do not have to be members of Neev to take a class. 

Changes to Policy: Neev reserves the right to amend, modify, add or remove any portion or all of this policy at any time.